The global economy moves quickly and is always evolving. Fast-growing Chinese enterprises and the ambitious entrepreneurs behind them are constantly looking for strategic investment opportunities that will be profitable and will give them a competitive edge in a crowded landscape. At the same time, companies around the world are eager to access the many opportunities available in the Chinese markets, as well as to attract potential Chinese investors.

While the “One Belt, One Road” Initiative paves the way for a bright future of collaboration among European, African and Asian companies, the cross-border process is often slowed down or even stopped by a lack of knowledge about cultural and regulatory differences.

L& Partners has a keen understanding of the many cultural and regulatory steps involved in building successful cross-border partnerships. We are a full-service consulting boutique that can work with you every step of the way to build quality cross-border investments and relationships. We use our cultural and business insight to match innovative, European companies with passionate investors. At L& Partners, your success is our success.